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Alrendo is a group of motorcycle and car enthusiasts who want everyone to know that electric 2 wheelers are even more enjoyable than their fossil fueled grandparents. We take the best of over 100 years of motorcycle tech and combine it with the latest in EV developments to make the perfect modern motorcycles. Riding fast and riding clean now go hand in hand.

We live in times of uncertainty. Climate change threatens the world on a scale so large that most of humanity cannot even comprehend. Oil companies pollute our planet with no consequences. Overpopulation and wealth disparity have crammed our bright young minds into overpriced crowded cities. One thing is certain, we need to change and Alrendo brings you that change.

The world knows that electric vehicles are the future but as things stand today, people need a push to get to that future. The majority of humanity does not have the financial means to move into an EV so it was with this in mind that Alrendo was born. Alrendo is the first company on the planet to offer electric commuter, sports and soon superbikes for a lower price than the combustion alternatives.

Your average consumer will always struggle to fight for the environment so let us do it for them. For the first time in history, it simply makes complete sense to go electric.

Go fast, Go clean, Go Alrendo.

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